Genshin Impact

there's nothing here for now, because i haven't written anything yet. this is just a placeholder for things to come. the list below is where all the articles on one topic (e.g. hit game Genshin Impact (lmao)) would be listed. for now, i'm going to list upcoming euthymia articles i want to write so i don't lose track of them:

Death flags: will Genshin's playable characters ever truly 'expire'?
Prediction of Genshin's worldbuilding for Fontaine and its Archon Quest.
Sangonomiya Kokomi and the Seven Sovereigns.
Genshin: The Eyes of the Gods
What is the Abyss Twin's deal? 'Descendants', the Sustainer, etc.
Convincing you to play Spiritfarer.
Attempting to express the level of raw creative inspiration that Disco Elysium gifted to me.
Sci-fi is better than fantasy: the 'how' - not the 'what' - of Honkai Star Rail's lore.