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hi! this is my personal site. visit the manifesto for my long, overthought justification for this site's existence. felt like i had to do that for some reason.

full disclaimer i'm pretty bad at coding. yes im an IT student yes i cant code we exist. im enemies to lovers to enemies to lovers with CSS and i don't see that changing anytime soon. sorry that this isn't more accessible and that the theme is all over the place! i couldn't decide on a singular aesthetic so ur stuck with this for now. im not like other girls this is not a love letter to web design or css this is a HATE MAIL to css fuck you bitch you ruined my life


29/06/23, 12:55 - new log, and a backdated one; new index theme.

12/06/23, 10:28 - new log, and new index theme.

8/06/23, 12:11 - playlists page is up! also new journal pages.

7/06/23, 15:56 - im back again I HAVE A NEW BUTTON!! its under the extras page. also this one is actually animated!

7/06/23, 14:52 - fixed a silly. also made it so that themes can be easily changed (swapped around some code so that image urls are stored in the css and not html)

6/06/23, 20:31 - genshin shrine is up! check it out in euthymia.

5/06/23, 15:37 - also. new log haha

5/06/23, 15:04 - new index!!! wowowowow. i'll be changing my theme quite often so if you want to see the old ones, you can look in the lil dropdown menu in the bottom right-hand corner :)

2/06/23, 19:47 - aaand the journalling page! just a lil backlog of some of my journal pages so far. if the link doesn't work, pls clear ur cache! (hold shift while pressing reload btn)

2/06/23, 16:18 - new log!

1/06/23, 14:42 - new CYBERIA page: lain shrine!

1/06/23, 11:08 - new MONTAGE article: enhypen comeback review! also added mutuals' buttons <3

28/05/23, 21:19 - new log!

24/05/23, 15:05 - added quizzes page with the ones i've made! go check them out :)

23/05/23, 20:45 - added montage, cyberia, and euthymia review pages! no articles yet though. also it's funny how regular my upload times are haha

22/05/23, 20:41 - added a random chance that, when links are clicked in main navigation, they will take the user to a random *interlude* page. it's only active on manifesto and log for now since those are the only two links with actual pages attached, but click onto them a few times and see if you can find it! also added a new log.

16/05/23, 20:21 - added new log!

16/05/23, 20:05 - added log page with old archived diaries, added buttons for sites i like/mutuals

16/05/23, 10:45 - added manifesto page

15/05/23, 20:34 - full disclosure i have no idea why the blinkie scrolling banner isn't working and i think i'm just gonna remove it. added expanded menu page and button linkie

12/05/23, 18:44 - added the updates panel!



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